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Hello, I’m Jaishri Mistry! My goal is to stimulate you, to strengthen and to trust

Jaishri M

PositionCertified Yoga Teacher
ExperienceOver 15 years experience
Since the very first class I took and through all the years and hundreds of hours of practise, yoga has always felt good. It’s relaxing, energizing, strengthening and has given me a deeper sense of peace and understanding. Yoga has impacted my life in such a positive way. It has changed my perspective on how I was living my life and who I was as a person. The more I practised the more it helped me to clarify my deepest longings, motivations and aspirations, thereby restoring optimism, hope, meaning and purpose to life. Today I am passionate about sharing with others the power of yoga and how it can impact lives. I want to inspire, connect and empower others to make positive changes so they too can live their life to the fullest.
My skill
Vinyasa 100%
Hatha 100%
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