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Hello, I’m Ginelle Sendsen! My goal is to stimulate you, to strengthen and to trust

Ginelle S

PositionCertified Yoga Teacher
ExperienceOver 5 years experience
Ginelle Sendsen is a certified yoga instructor with a strong interest in mindfulness yoga techniques. Because of being diagnosed with a mild scoliosis of her spine when she was younger, she began taking yoga classes and hasn't looked back ever since. What started out as a physical practice soon evolved into so much more. Today, Ginelle considers her yoga practice to be a way to find alignment in LIFE, not just in the spine. Her yoga style emphasizes accessibility, each individual is looked at as if they are a unique being with different physical make-up (on a skeletal and muscular level), which makes for awesome personal instruction! Ginelle stands by the idea that your mind, body, and soul need to be balanced in order to live your best life. Because of these beliefs, she loves being a yoga teacher as it allows her to be a guide for those that want to re-connect to their POWER.
My skill
Vinyasa 100%
Hatha 100%
Flow 100%
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