NEW* Temporary studio protocols during COVID

  • Assess Your Health.  Please stay home if you are experiencing any signs of infection including, cough, fever or trouble breathing. 
  • Class Size Restrictions.  At this time, in studio classes are limited to 10 people per class to maintain social distancing.  Therefore, we will be implementing a cancellation policy while the restriction is in place.  If you've signed up for a class and can not attend, please cancel at least 2 hours before class so that your spot is available for someone else.   
  • Come in your yoga clothes.  Change rooms and showers will be closed during the initial stages of re-opening. Bathrooms will still be open if needed.  
  • Social Distancing and Masks.  Markers on the floor will indicate social distancing in the reception area and in the yoga room.  Please put your mats in the tape outlined areas.  We recommend wearing a mask in and out of the studio for extra safety (do not wear a mask while in the yoga room on your mat).  
  • Bring your mat, water and props.  Mat rentals and shared props will not be available at this time.  Please bring your own mat and take it with you at the end of class.  Props will not be required for classes but if you would like to have your own, you can purchase them through the studio.  Water fountain will be closed but bottled water will be available for purchase.  
  • Arrive early.  Arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself time to sign-in, get setup and relax before class starts
  • Cell phone free zone.  Bags will be allowed in the yoga room while the change rooms are closed but please remember to turn off your phone completely (not just vibrate) before entering the yoga room.  (1 bag per person)
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing.  The yoga room, reception area and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized between each class.  Hand sanitizer is also available for your convenience.