Studio Etiquette

  • Check in at the front desk: Even if you’ve signed up for class on-line, let the front desk know you have arrived.
  • Arrive early: Arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself time to get setup and relax before class starts
  • Cell phone free zone: Please do not take it into the yoga room.  Also bags, jackets and any personal items should be left in the change room.
  • Maintain silence in the practice room: Be mindful that some yogis are in meditation or savasana. Please refrain from talking inside the yoga room and be as quiet as possible when entering and leaving.
  • Stay in the yoga room during the scheduled class time: While we understand that some times there may be an emergency, as much as possible please try to stay in the yoga room during class as leaving can be very disruptive to the other yogis.  You can help minimize disruptions by ensuring that you arrive early with enough time to use the bathroom and fill up your water before class.  If you are feeling hot, lie down on your back for a few minutes.  If you leave the class because you are not feeling well, please do not re-enter until after the class is finished.