Prepare for Class

Our classes have been designed keeping in mind various problem areas where you might want to focus. We offer different levels of classes for beginners to advance practitioners.

  1. Hydrate – Hot yoga is an intense practice- you’re working every muscle in the body all the while raising your heart rate. Due to the fact that you will sweat you’ll want to make sure that you’re hydrating throughout the day leading up to your practice. If you’re practicing first thing in the morning, you will need to make sure to drink enough water but don’t go crazy and guzzle down too much. It’s just important to make sure you drink enough water prior to your class as opposed to drinking a bunch during your class. You will be taking little sips of water throughout your practice and save the guzzling for afterwards. Coconut water is a great option to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes after your hot yoga class as well.
  2. Show up Early – Arriving about 30 minutes early will ensure proper time to complete any registration, get changed, and set up for class. We have an on-time policy for classes and will not allow any late arrivals as it causes disruptions for other students.  Prepare to be early or on time.
  3. Bring a Yoga Mat, Towel & Bottle of Water – You have an option to rent yoga mats at a minimum fee.
  4. Listen to Your Body – While you want to listen and follow the cues and instructions that are given by your teacher, it is a good practice to honor your body, and if you need to take a break, regain control of your breath, or take a sip of water – do so. Be kind to yourself and avoid the urge to compare your practice with others and above all remember, Yoga is a practice not a competition!
  5. Eat light 30-60 min prior to class – choose a very light snack such as a fruit or better yet, fill up with water!
  6. Clothing-. Wearing minimal, tight-fitting clothing is optimal. Using a headband is also a great idea to help ensure the sweat stays out of your eyes during the practice.
  7. Please enter and leave the yoga studio quietly so as to enhance your focus and concentration, as well as value the personal space of others in the room.
  8. Remember to be respectful of other yoga students, which includes recognizing your own chatter, avoid perfumes/colognes or anything that might be distracting.
  9. Positive Attitude! If there’s a will there’s a way  🙂